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ShopLiftr Maximizes Ad Budgets, Bringing Value-Seeking Shoppers Together With Their Favorite Brands & Retailers

ShopLiftr is confronting the challenges faced by consumers, brands & retailers from soaring retail prices, compressed budgets, and supply chain issues with an innovative dynamic creative digital ad tech solution.

Powered by the largest, most comprehensive proprietary database of active trade promotions, from all major grocery chains in North America, ShopLiftr's unique platform supports responsive, personalized display and video ad units.

It enables brands to promote savings on consumers' favorite products, effectively maintaining and increasing market share, and drives in-store traffic to the supporting retailer.

Serving hyper-localized deals to consumers in real-time, in turn, saves them time and money.

Are you ready to give your campaign a lift?

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Solving Brand & Consumer Inflation Woes with DCO Platform

What Is Our EXCLUSIVE Advantage?

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