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Using Shopliftr's 2023 Trade Promotion Data to Enhance Your 2024 Digital Marketing Strategy as a Retailer or Brand

Leveraging ShopLiftr’s trade promotion data results from 2023, here are some tailored recommendations for brands and retailers to effectively leverage digital advertising using ShopLiftr's dynamic ad tech platform to amplify active trade promotions with hyperlocal targeting in 2024:


1. Regional Promotion Customization: Utilize the regional distribution of trade promotions captured in 2023 to customize digital advertising campaigns for specific geographic areas. By identifying regions with higher presence and engagement to specific categories or products, brands, and retailers can tailor their digital advertising content to resonate with local consumer preferences, maximizing the impact of trade promotions.


2. Seasonal Promotion Alignment: Analyze the quarterly distribution of trade promotions in 2023 to align digital advertising efforts with seasonal consumer buying behaviors. Tailoring promotions and ad content to correspond with seasonal trends identified in the 2023 data can enhance the relevance of promotions, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.


3. Targeted Category Promotions: Leverage the top categories for trade promotions identified in 2023, such as Beer/Wine/Spirits, Snacks, Dairy, Meat (Fresh), and Fruit (Produce), to inform hyperlocal targeting strategies. Use ShopLiftr's dynamic ad tech to target consumers in specific regions with promotions related to these top categories, optimizing ad content to align with the most impactful product segments.


4. Dynamic Pricing and Offer Optimization: Utilize ShopLiftr's ad tech to dynamically inject pricing and offer details by regional flyer variations right into digital display and video ads. By optimizing promotions in real-time, brands and retailers can ensure that their digital advertising efforts resonate with local consumers, driving higher conversion rates and sales.


5. Localized Consumer Insights Integration: By leveraging ShopLiftr's robust targeting capabilities to focus on consumer behaviors, preferences, and purchase patterns, brands and retailers can deliver more personalized and relevant promotions and messages to local audiences.


6. Enhanced Retailer Collaboration: Collaborate closely with retailers to align digital advertising efforts with their promotional strategies. By leveraging ShopLiftr's dynamic ad tech to synchronize promotions with retailer-specific initiatives, brands can amplify the impact of trade promotions and foster stronger partnerships with key retailers.


By integrating these recommendations with the trade promotion data results from 2023, brands and retailers can optimize their digital advertising strategies to amplify active trade promotions with hyperlocal targeting, delivering more personalized and impactful experiences for consumers while driving sales and loyalty in 2024.

Reach out to learn more about how our data-driven solutions can bring you superior results this year.


DATA SOURCE: ShopLiftr's comprehensive analysis of active trade promotions across over 300 leading grocery retailers in the United States yielded a total of 1,628,536 promotions. This data is derived from their proprietary database of promotions captured from retailers' digital flyers, with the data being meticulously sourced by data teams, and never scraped. This first-party data was normalized by UPC, ensuring relevance, accuracy, and timeliness with manual weekly updates.


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