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Deal-Finder Widget

Enable consumers to save and find PRE-SHOP deals by integrating our deal-finder widget to search for products directly on your platform. 

Consumers can search for deals on your products right from your own website.

Includes a pop-up, which displays a list of deal information.

The controls at the top of the pop-up allows users to select different products and limit results by retailer.

Direct integration onto owned media.


Showcase all available packaging sizes available through retailers in consumer’s area.

Wraps partner page content & can be styled differently based on whether there are deals
or not.

Can be configured to only show if there are deals present.

Can be configured to open automatically when a user enters their location.

Retail agnostic search functionality,


Deals are localized to user’s location through ZIP code input.

Requires either a UPC or a keyword (i.e., “Diet Pepsi”) to determine which deals are shown in the dialog when it’s opened.'

Can adjust the keyword to limit the results, i,e, “Diet Pepsi” to show all varieties of Diet Pepsi, but not Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free


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