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What We Do

ShopLiftr empowers brands with highly targeted, data-powered, dynamic advertising campaigns and content offerings that directly engage shoppers.

Technical Solutions

We have a built a suite of unique products that allow brands and agencies to leverage our SHOPPR Engine to build dynamic, hyper-local experiences online that actually drive shoppers to their local stores to buy.

By utilizing our data and targeting technology, ShopLiftr bridges the gap between online and offline, shortening the path to purchase.


Managed Services

ShopLiftr provides all-in-one, turnkey solutions for those who are seeking to maximize their digital investment, while simplifying the execution. Our team helps you at all stages of your campaign's lifecycle, providing as much or as little customized support to suit your needs and make your campaign a success.


How We Lift Sales

Dynamically link online content to in-store promotions

Inspire consumers to purchase with clear CTAs

Empower shoppers with real-time, localized deals

Turn content into shoppable moments

Grocery Shopping

S.M.A.R.T.  Campaigns


​SMART Campaigns are built from combining two of our leading products, empowering brands with the technology and content that they need to create dynamic, hyper-local campaigns for better engagement, richer reporting and stronger in-store sales.​



Integrate local trade promotions and retailer information in real-time, directly in your ads.


Create landing pages with a local twist designed to drive shoppers to your retail partners.

Integrated Content Solutions

Integrated Content Solutions provide brands and publishers with the tools to transform their owned media and add greater value for their visitors. Our localized, up-to-date content will keep your media fresh and relevant, enhancing user engagement while improving in-store sales.


Incorporate deals directly into the recipes or lists on your website.

Deal-Finder Widget

A robust API that empowers sites with unique experiences driven by trade promotions.

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