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S.M.A.R.T.  Ads


A unique dynamic programmatic creative solution that integrates local trade promotions, allowing you to tailor your ad content at scale, making it dynamic, hyper-local, timely and actionable.

Ads are rendered in real‑time with the most relevant content to engage your shoppers.

We specialize in all standard size display ads, expandable ad units, and dynamic video formats.

Programmatic + Media Buying

Our team ensures your ads get the attention that they deserve, with premium placements, positions, best-in-class audience targeting, and in-flight optimizations designed to maximize your ROI.


Advanced Reporting

We provide comprehensive
end-to-end reporting on your campaigns. We monitor placement, engagement and in‑store performance in order to provide fully transparent insight into your campaign.


Creative Consultation

Our expertise in digital advertising will help you maximize the consumer experience. Design, Color, CTAs and formats all contribute to your ads performance, but we bring your vision to life while following best practices for optimal results.



Our development team are experts in the technical execution of campaigns. With the growing complexity and demands of digital marketing, we guarantee your campaign will be executed flawlessly.


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Buyer's Journey

Shorten the path to purchase by directing consumers to the right store at the right time.

​Actionable digital experiences that tie your creative to real-time in-store promotions.

Matching audiences with products they love available where they shop when those products are on sale.


No Limitations

SMART ads are not limited to any retailers, brands, ad networks or platform, so you can reach shoppers wherever they are.

It's Easy To Get Started!

Programmatically inject our local deal content into your ad units at scale.

Why limit your digital marketing to
solely driving online engagement?

Complete the customer journey from online to in-store.

Promote brands and products that are actually on sale in-store in real-time.

Improve the efficiency of your media spend by promoting multiple products, supporting multiple retailers simultaneously.

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