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Dynamic Recipes

Feature your recipes on a fully branded, ShopLiftr-hosted landing page that turns static ingredients into dynamic, shoppable recipes to inspire consumers to add to their shopping list. 

ShopLiftr offers shoppable recipes in two dynamic forms to INSPIRE consumers to purchase.


Owned Media

Hosted Landing Page

Existing Owned Media

Most brands' host websites feature recipes appealing to their consumers. Within it, they list out ingredients and directions to create the concoction.



Inspire consumers to shop the recipes they love!

By leveraging your owned media (website or blog), brands can transform static information into intuitive and shoppable recipes through our INSPIRE integration.

Drive in-store sales and get your products added to the shopping list!

Shoppable Recipe

Highlight Feature Products On Deal​

Embed dynamic elements on your native website​

Consumers are geo-located automatically to serve
real-time deal information for the recipe's ingredients.

Encourages immediate call-to-action and simplifies
path to purchase

Map module allows consumers to choose the nearest participating retailer with deals (or as selected by brand)


Hosted Landing Page

What if a brand has LOW recipe engagement?

Our INSPIRE platform allows brands to curate recipes hosted on a fully-branded landing page.


A micro-site entirely focused on supporting your advertising campaign. Plus, make your recipes dynamic and populate map modules, nearby retailers, and active trade promotions to add your items to their shopping list.

Consumers are geo-located when the ad is served.

ShopLiftr-hosted landing pages match the deal & product(s) in the ad unit & pull this information through into the micro-site.

Our custom landing pages are a blank canvas for creative teams to utilize to best support the objectives of your advertising campaign (i.e., education, e-commerce, brand building etc.)

Full reporting available sourced from Google Analytics. 

Ask about our e-commerce add-on features!


Curate Content For Your Ideal Consumer​
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