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How We Work With Restaurants


No QSR or restaurant chain can be everything to everyone.

The solution lies in being very special to someone, and then pressing that competitive advantage once it is established.

Quick Service Restaurants

A specific type of restaurant that serves fast-food cuisine and has minimal table service. QSRs often feature a drive-thru.

Full-Service Restaurants

Full-service restaurant means a public eating place that has a full dinner, and/or lunch menu serving full course meals, daily prepared in its own kitchen, typically served at a table.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast Casual is an intermediate concept between fast food and casual dining and has a higher dine in ratio than fast food/ quick service.

Bakeries & Cafes

A bakery cafe, or a sit-down bakery, is a retail bakery that includes a dining area for customers to sit and enjoy their food.

Own The Occasion

Use local & regional offers to deepen the consumer perception where to go for a specific occasion.

Restaurants can strive to own an occasion.

The effort to find what you should own begins as a branding exercise rather than a pricing one. But it will ultimately become the source of pricing power as the chain builds its menu around this core advantage.

Restaurant Guests Are
Incentive Driven

ShopLiftr’s platform is ideally suited for distributing digital coupons across multiple geographies 
based on the location of the shopper at the time the ad is being served.

Image by Erik Mclean


Of surveyed consumers visited a restaurant for the first time in the past year from a coupon.


Of surveyed consumers plan to use a coupon in the next six months.


Of surveyed consumers will use a coupon to dine out more in the next six months.

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics MBI, 2021

Scenarios To Use
Circular Display

How can Circular Display Campaigns help restaurants automate their programmatic advertising campaigns.

Local/Regional Promotions

Local and regional promotions can be in-store, online or coupon-based.

Hyper-Local Targeting

Store-Specific Hiring

Deals and coupons are linked to chains’ internal tier systems to promote offers within a dynamic radius of store locations or regional online offers.

Not all stores are hiring all the time, but a geo-targeted store list combined with consumer profiles can drive an increase in applications.

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