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About Us
Get To Know Our Origins, What We Do & Meet The Team

ShopLiftr Cover Photo

ShopLiftr is a Digital Shopper Marketing company that aggregates and amplifies the largest collection of trade promotions, connecting shoppers with real-time, localized deals. CPGs, retailers and their agencies leverage our SHOPPR engine to create omni-channel experiences that dynamically link their online content to in-store promotions in order to lift sales. 

ShopLiftr has been perfecting the SHOPPR Engine since 2004, processing over 200,000+ promotions each month across 80,000+ physical store locations in all ZIP & Postal Codes. 

Discover how brands like Pepsi, Pillsbury and Bertolli as well as retailers like Meijer, Grocery Outlet and Sprouts are leveraging our technology to turn online engagement into offline sales.

Meet the Team


Ian Clark

Vice President, Sales


John Scott

Co-Founder & Acting CEO


Genevieve Castonguay

Director, Sales


Peter Thomas

Chief Technology Officer


Gord Crowson

Chief Operating Officer

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