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Dynamic Video

ShopLiftr Launches Dynamic Video Powered By The Largest Database of Trade Promotions in the US

ShopLiftr is unlike other dynamic video platforms, presenting engaging programmatic video ad units with an exclusive advantage and flexible messaging.


Leveraging our proprietary database of over 200,000+ monthly active trade promotions across top retailers, we dynamically inject hyper-local deals, with chain name, directly into the video ad. Paired with device-level geo-targeted delivery, across all major platforms, we connect consumers with accurate, relevant deal information anywhere in North America.


This enables marketers to connect with shoppers in a responsive and powerful way to stay ahead of the intent-based shopping behaviors.  In extensive field-testing with CPG brands and retailerss, in both Canada and the U.S., ShopLiftr’s dynamic video ads consistently offer superior performance in engaging consumers and exceeding digital advertising campaign KPIs.

Are you ready to give your campaign a lift?

Check out a CTV case study below...

Dynamic Connected TV Client Case Study

Dynamic Video Is Here!

What Is Our EXCLUSIVE Advantage?

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