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Simply the Best Way to Personalize Your Digital Ads to Drive More In-Store Sales

Powered By Data.
Designed To Inspire.
Purpose-Built To Drive Sales.

ShopLiftr, a cutting-edge innovator in digital advertising, fuels in-store sales for brands and retailers with a dynamic, data-driven platform. Their approach renders accurate, personalized, and hyperlocal display and video ads in real-time, leveraging its extensive proprietary trade data to engage and inspire consumers.

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Current Local Deals

Current Location

Real-Time Rendering

Real-Time Shoppable Moments

Local Trade Promos

Hyper-Local Targeting

Dynamic Creative

Motivate shoppers to action by alerting them to nearby promotions from our real-time database of 200,000+ trade promotions from the top 300 U.S. and top 50 Canadian retailers.

ShopLiftr geo-locates the consumer in real-time & promotes deals on advertised products at their local retail & restaurant locations.

Our solution is a shopper-focused dynamic creative platform combining local trade promotions and location with unlimited personalization for superior advertising results.

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