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Decoding Shopping Behavior: ShopLiftr's Extensive Database Surfaces Over 1.6 Million Grocery Trade Promotions & Reveals Key 2023 Insights

From quarterly consistency to top-performing categories, ShopLiftr's data-rich exploration of 2023 grocery trade promotions reveals the tactics of winning retailers and preferred consumer categories.

In 2023, ShopLiftr's comprehensive analysis of active trade promotions across over 300 leading grocery retailers in the United States yielded a total of 1,628,536 promotions. This data is derived from their proprietary database of promotions captured from retailers' digital flyers, with the data being meticulously sourced by data teams, and never scraped. This first-party data was normalized by UPC, ensuring relevance, accuracy, and timeliness with manual weekly updates.



The distribution of promotions throughout 2023 was relatively even across all quarters, with a slight increase in Q2 and Q3:

·        Q1 saw a total of 382,886 promotions, accounting for 23.51% of the annual total.

·        Q2 experienced a slight uptick with 414,882 promotions, making up 25.48% of the year's promotions.

·        Q3 continued this trend with 415,699 promotions, representing 25.53%.

·        Q4 concluded the year with a nearly identical figure to Q2 and Q3, recording 415,468 promotions, or 25.51% of the yearly total.


This data suggests a consistent promotional strategy throughout the year, with retailers avoiding significant seasonal biases in their promotion schedules.



Among the retailers, the top five most active in unique trade promotions were Hy-Vee, Albertsons, Safeway, Pick n Save, and Kroger. These retailers have adopted an aggressive strategy with trade promotions, which likely plays a key role in their market competitiveness.


For instance, Hy-Vee stands out by consistently providing a wide range of regional flyers that highlight exclusive deals across various locations and geographies. ShopLiftr is instrumental in consolidating these hyper-local promotions, streamlining the amplification process, and simplifying the execution of complex campaigns through its dynamic advertising platform.



The categories that saw the most promotions reflect consumer preferences and possibly the strategic focus of retailers, with the top five (out of 58 categories) being:

  1. Beer/Wine/Spirits – 15.44%

  2. Dairy – 7.03%

  3. Snacks – 6.65%

  4. Meat (Fresh) – 6.42%

  5. Fruit (Produce) – 5.53%


These categories may indicate areas where consumers are most responsive to promotions or where retailers see the greatest margins or competitive advantages.


The prominence of alcoholic beverages and easily consumable items like snacks suggests that consumers may prioritize convenience and indulgence when shopping for a deal. Dairy, meat, and produce are staples in many households, indicating that promotions in these categories can be powerful tools for driving traffic and increasing basket size.



In conclusion, the 2023 trade promotion data aggregated and analyzed by ShopLiftr reveals a strategic emphasis on key staple categories and indicates that consumers are influenced by deals across a range of products, from indulgent items to everyday necessities. The consistent spread of promotions throughout the year suggests that retailers are keen to maintain a steady flow of traffic rather than relying on traditional seasonal peaks.


These insights can be valuable for retailers and brands alike in understanding consumer buying behaviors, optimizing promotional strategies, and ensuring they meet consumer demand effectively while driving sales.

Want to learn more about ShopLiftr's proprietary database, dynamic digital ad capabilities, and how to amplify your trade promotions, inspire consumers, and achieve proven results? Reach out for a demo today.


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